Overcoming the FUD Factor

I know I can do this NewTricks – I just have to get over the FUD Factor!

Overcoming FUD in 2009 – Craigieburn, NZ

Thanks to a wonderfully entertaining and articulate client for sharing that pearl a few years back, from the top of Hamilton Face. Confront the FUD Factor remains one very helpful mantra to beat my internal voice which quickly becomes a distracting, or even derailing, influence if allowed to run unchecked.

And so it was last week. Figuring that I needed to balance my total immersion in Ruby syntax with something a bit more familiar, and given I needed to get started on developing my Project Brief, I started to explore and assess potential competing ideas and products.

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Where it all begins…

It all started rather sadly, with a case of displaced persons… when Himself graciously vacated his Man Cave so I could set up my new “place of work”. Fortunately, we’ve moved on and, on balance, I count day 1 as a good day.

Thanks to the fantastic resources from The Pragmatic Programmers I’ve made it through installation of Ruby on Rails, generated the obligatory “Hello World” mini-app (oh what a long way to go!!!) and am well on my way into the rabbit hole of classes, objects, methods with :: # {} et al!

Also on the tally of positives:

  • hardly any procrastination (once we got through re-cleaning and re-re-organising my workspace!);
  • launched my blog to track my journey – or maybe simply to hold myself to account;
  • took that lunch time bike ride – even though the gentle climb seemed rather brutal after 6 months off the bike!

On y va!