Overcoming the FUD Factor

I know I can do this NewTricks – I just have to get over the FUD Factor!

Overcoming FUD in 2009 – Craigieburn, NZ

Thanks to a wonderfully entertaining and articulate client for sharing that pearl a few years back, from the top of Hamilton Face. Confront the FUD Factor remains one very helpful mantra to beat my internal voice which quickly becomes a distracting, or even derailing, influence if allowed to run unchecked.

And so it was last week. Figuring that I needed to balance my total immersion in Ruby syntax with something a bit more familiar, and given I needed to get started on developing my Project Brief, I started to explore and assess potential competing ideas and products.

Himself suggested that the research was simply a euphemism for procrastination – ouch! But I felt it was important to have a realistic sense of the landscape so I can start to figure out where in the wide online world My New Thing (MNT) might fit in and, surely, this is a necessary topic in any useful Project Brief.

Great idea… and then along come my old friends Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. MNT is already available; and “they” have

  • Really bold claims of awesomeness; and
  • Slick, and glossy ‘brochures’; and are
  • Bigger than BenHur with the market all sewn up; and…


Q: Did I actually think I had invented a genuinely new thing? Of course not
Q: Did I think I was going to take over the market space? No
Q: Is MNT on the same playing field as the existing products? Not really
Q: Remember why I had my idea? Yes
Q: Does MNT represent value to anyone out there? Yes
Q: Can I visualise MNT? Yes
Q: Is it worth continuing? Yes
Q: Really? Yes, yes it is…

Funny thing: you think you know what you’re about and where you want to head, until I start researching / procrastinating. I invite Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt right through my front door. Maybe it is healthy to open the door and have a chat with my 3 amigos – great to test out my ideas, tease out my thinking about what real value I think MNT represents, and to simply challenge myself. But it is also healthy to escort those 3 amigos back out. Don’t let them get comfortable and never let them unpack and stay!

While the Fear,Uncertainty, and Doubt Factor more typically refers to the marketing tactic of appealing to fear as the basis to more favourably position oneself against a competitor, it seems that I am pretty adept at calling this simple collection of nouns into play all on my own – no need for conscious tactics from potential competitors to introduce FUD in my mind!

Maybe Himself was right – maybe there was a small amount of procrastination going on last week – but out of that procrastination, I found a bit of resolve to store away for later: a reminder that I still believe in MNT. And, from this very quiet and solitary workspace, that was a path worth exploring!

On y va


One thought on “Overcoming the FUD Factor

  1. Hmmmmm……..I must say the word procrastination had also flitted through my mind and I hope that possibility was expressed to you in a helpful rather then critical manner
    However on reflection I think this could be classed more “as circling the prey”; you need to get the context sorted before you plunge too deep and usually it all falls into place after a while and from your next post it looks like it has

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