Baby steps…

It ain’t pretty – but it works!!!  Finally, two months into my goal of creating a web-based app, I have made real progress: A complete, end-to-end interaction via my new application!

Phew!  Just in time for the first Stage Gate assessment, originally scheduled for 2 months after my project start date.

My app only offers two options so far: register new user and user login. But that simple start entails a bucket load of infrastructure.  Furthermore, that start has effectively leveraged the recommended TDD (Test Driven Design) approach which means that the app does what it is expected to do, as proven through the truth table tests that define and drive the whole security build and test.  So yes to all you doubters – it is very well tested! Who’d have thunk a test manager cared about that stuff!

Stage Gate 1 – Do I have to go back to my old job – or is there hope for this new trick?

Review findings: 

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Two steps forward, one step back…

Now, no more shenanigans, no more tomfoolery, no more ballyhoo…

This week I have started real work, on a real app!

All the sample apps and sample testing of said apps means that I am now more likely to be able to look at a piece of code, or a test, and have some clue about what it is doing.  Create code of my own even…  so some clue is actually pretty good.

The amazing thing about using twitter bootstrap, plus Devise, plus templates, is that Ruby on Rails actually generates most of the code on my behalf, leaving me to worry about my unique stuff.  So, in creating my first entity yesterday (a ref data table), all the generic user security framework was there.  As was the basic look and feel, and the new data table, and all the database services to manage each  transaction type.  All I had to do was decide what I will allow each user type to do, and what will be locked down or removed all together.

By lunch on the first day, voila!  Coding and testing of my first ref data table was complete. One step forward!

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Bread Production is on the Rise

My sourdough starter, affectionately referred to as ‘the bug’, has just turned 4. It’s done pretty well for a 4 year old.  From its home in Oz, it has taken regular summer holidays in NZ (amazes me what quarantine do and don’t worry about), some wonderful beach weekends in Mollymook, and holidays being bug-sat with friends. It’s spawned offspring in NZ, Oz, Japan, and Malaysia (although I’m not sure how many of those survived beyond the initial excitement of the idea of fresh bread).

For the past four years, we’d settled on the pattern of hibernation (i.e. feed it and park it in the fridge) during the week, with spurts of activity on the weekend.

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