Baby steps…

It ain’t pretty – but it works!!!  Finally, two months into my goal of creating a web-based app, I have made real progress: A complete, end-to-end interaction via my new application!

Phew!  Just in time for the first Stage Gate assessment, originally scheduled for 2 months after my project start date.

My app only offers two options so far: register new user and user login. But that simple start entails a bucket load of infrastructure.  Furthermore, that start has effectively leveraged the recommended TDD (Test Driven Design) approach which means that the app does what it is expected to do, as proven through the truth table tests that define and drive the whole security build and test.  So yes to all you doubters – it is very well tested! Who’d have thunk a test manager cared about that stuff!

Stage Gate 1 – Do I have to go back to my old job – or is there hope for this new trick?

Review findings: 

  • Value proposition: Still valid. Market research completed and validity of design intent confirmed.
  • Schedule: Project is on schedule. At 2 months in, some real code written to produce first component of App.
    Maybe it wasn’t the component initially planned – but it turns out the Application Architecture really does need to be part of the first release, and the architecture needed to be a little richer than initially imagined – so an Application Architecture component will have to suffice!
  • Resourcing: Dodgy
    It’s definitely dodgy that the resource has spent 2 months in education mode, under pretence of working on project. But seems to be best resource available, and seems to be free, so persevere for the time being. Add to watch-list, with review in another two months!
  • Scope: Who can tell.  The absence of a high level design is a concern to the reviewer.  Conceptual doesn’t mean imagined. The HLID needs to be committed to copy that is available for review. Add to watch-list for review in 2 months!
  • Staff satisfaction: Refer to Resourcing. Despite occasional crises of confidence, continued project employment is deemed superior over return to old job. Review in 2 months.
  • Expenses: Surprisingly good, modest increase in coffee bean consumption and significant increase in flour consumption are easily off-set by reduction in latté and lunch expenditure.  Income reduction still masked by past invoicing behaviour: not yet noticed by financial controller…
  • Risks: Ambiguous Design results in rework and disorganised work schedule (Likelihood – High, Impact – High)…blah blah blah

Let’s try a different set of measures…

✓  Am I learning new tricks? Yes I am.

✓  Is this “job” more challenging and more fun than the old job? Yes, on balance, it is.

✓  Am I finding ways to supplement this new way of working to compensate for the absence of colleagues? Yes.

✓  When I don’t like something, do I have the power to change it? Yes.

 ✓  Keep going for another two months? Yes.

So what’s the plan for the next two months?  Right now, my app is ugly, and I haven’t sketched out the high level design.  So, given ugly isn’t going to cut it, and given how easy it is to develop some basic wireframes using Ruby on Rails with some css and ajax, it’s time to kick in to design!

On y va!


One thought on “Baby steps…

  1. Looks like you are pretty well on track Tricks. I assuming you had built some contingencies into your work plan – don’t things normally take longer than planned (and also cost more but not in this case).
    I guess your structured review is impressive but… self-review kosher or do you need an independent reviewer to run their eye over it? Maybe at a later date?

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