Bread Production is on the Rise

My sourdough starter, affectionately referred to as ‘the bug’, has just turned 4. It’s done pretty well for a 4 year old.  From its home in Oz, it has taken regular summer holidays in NZ (amazes me what quarantine do and don’t worry about), some wonderful beach weekends in Mollymook, and holidays being bug-sat with friends. It’s spawned offspring in NZ, Oz, Japan, and Malaysia (although I’m not sure how many of those survived beyond the initial excitement of the idea of fresh bread).

For the past four years, we’d settled on the pattern of hibernation (i.e. feed it and park it in the fridge) during the week, with spurts of activity on the weekend.

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Stop being a git – Start using Git!

While it took Linus Torvalds just 2 weeks to initially create Git and start using it to manage the Linux Kernel source code,  this mere mortal is still struggling to fully grasp the simplicity of Git after dabbling for 3 weeks.

To-date, I’ve been using a handful of the git commands, but without really understanding how Git works: as such, the consequences of some commands were a bit of a mystery.  I didn’t appreciate how Git handles and tracks changes, nor where everything lived. After 3 weeks and two branching debacles, of my own doing, it’s time to stop hacking around the fringes and get over this learning curve…  Maybe debacle is an exaggeration, realistically I couldn’t follow what was going on when I was cloning, branching, committing, staging or simply working.

Mistake #1

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Just do it…

At the start of week 3 it became clear that I really did need to get on the horse, and become a code monkey (yes, too many animals in that sentence so let’s hope my app design is better than my prose!).

Building my first web app should be a pretty simple task given it’s just a handful of low complexity views, simple user interactions, and simple data relationships, especially since the lessons I’m following provide very explicit instructions and sample code snippets.  Simple!  Or so you’d think…

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Overcoming the FUD Factor

I know I can do this NewTricks – I just have to get over the FUD Factor!

Overcoming FUD in 2009 – Craigieburn, NZ

Thanks to a wonderfully entertaining and articulate client for sharing that pearl a few years back, from the top of Hamilton Face. Confront the FUD Factor remains one very helpful mantra to beat my internal voice which quickly becomes a distracting, or even derailing, influence if allowed to run unchecked.

And so it was last week. Figuring that I needed to balance my total immersion in Ruby syntax with something a bit more familiar, and given I needed to get started on developing my Project Brief, I started to explore and assess potential competing ideas and products.

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Where it all begins…

It all started rather sadly, with a case of displaced persons… when Himself graciously vacated his Man Cave so I could set up my new “place of work”. Fortunately, we’ve moved on and, on balance, I count day 1 as a good day.

Thanks to the fantastic resources from The Pragmatic Programmers I’ve made it through installation of Ruby on Rails, generated the obligatory “Hello World” mini-app (oh what a long way to go!!!) and am well on my way into the rabbit hole of classes, objects, methods with :: # {} et al!

Also on the tally of positives:

  • hardly any procrastination (once we got through re-cleaning and re-re-organising my workspace!);
  • launched my blog to track my journey – or maybe simply to hold myself to account;
  • took that lunch time bike ride – even though the gentle climb seemed rather brutal after 6 months off the bike!

On y va!